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Hugely successful and popular Paramore play on the main stage in Sydney at the Soundwave festival 2010. Soundwave 2010 was held at Eastern Creek again, like 2009.

The line  up was amazing, as Soundwave always manages to get the best bands together. Unfortunately the Sydney festival lacked alot in organisation. They had a lot of the areas caged for over 18’s, which imo ruined the dynamics of the festival. The day was boiling hot, but hardly any shade at all, even though they were made aware of it after the previous year.

That was also one of the main reasons that Soundwave 2011 was moved to Sydney Olympic Park at the last minute, even though they did have a full year to work on it.

Lack of organisation was my reason to not go in 2011. Hopefully things will improve for Soundwave 2012.

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