Ferrari 348 GT Competizione

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Ferrari 348 GT Competizione

Ferrari 348 GT Competizione

When I was asked to take photos of a Ferrari 348 GT Competizione, I had to google the type as I had never heard of the 348 GT Competizione “348 GTC” before.

It turned out I didn’t need to be ashamed of it as the current owner of this car informed me that several Ferrari technicians weren’t even aware of this car when he made some enquiries with them.

Late in 1993 Ferrari announced a limited edition road version of the 348GTC. Contrary to popular belief the GTC road car was not produced to allow homologated race versions but produced as a celebration of the race cars competition success, particularly, the car driven by Oscar Larrauri in the Italian Supercar Championship.

Officially there are only 50 built of this car, of which 8 cars were RHD for the British market, but browsing online, there are rumours that there were at least another 2 RHD 348 GTC’s built, making the total number of cars 52.

This site is dedicated to the 348 GT Competizione and is the best online source for information about the history of this car. From that site, these are the changes made for the 348 GTC’s:

  • Both the Camber and castor angle for the front and rear suspension were changed
  • The wheels were changed to 8Jx18″ front and 10Jx18″ rear Speedline split rim wheels
  • Tyres were changed accordingly to 225/40ZR18″ front and 265/40ZR18″ rear Pirelli P Zeros
  • Doors were made of Kevlar and carbon to reduce weight
  • The seats were racing style bucket seats made in kevlar and carbon, coated with red fabric
  • There was a new design steering wheel with the cars limited edition numbers engraved on the front
  • The front and rear bumpers were made of Kevlar and carbon, again to save a considerable amount of weight
  • Whilst this manual does not state the GTC has drilled aluminium clutch and brake pedals they can be clearly seen on the illustrations of the interior

So you could say that the 348 GTC is like the Challenge Stradale or Scuderia of the 348 Series… the top of the range!

I spend a whole morning in Adelaide with the current owner who imported this car from the UK and you can tell he is very passionate about his car. It was great driving around in the car through various spots in Adelaide, occasionally stopping for some photos. This is one amazing car, I, too, fell in love with it.

After a great morning I got dropped off at the airport in style, in the 348 GTC, ready to go home again with a memory card full of images of this rare car.

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  1. frankee January 3, 2013

    awesome car nice rims.

  2. frankee January 3, 2013

    awesome car nice rims.

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