Mercedes C 63 AMG

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Mercedes C 63 AMG

Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG

For my second round of photographing this Mercedes C 63 AMG, we took the car for an amazing long drive around Sydney. First, we drove to Manly, a great drive along the cliffs with beautiful ocean views of the Sydney Heads, entrance to Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour).

From there we decided to check out the Cardinal Ceretti Memorial Chapel, a beautiful building where Nicole Kidman married Keith Urban. Unfortunately there was a wedding happening at that moment so we decided to continue our drive to Palm Beach, a northern beachside suburb of Sydney, located 41 kilometers from Sydney’s CBD.

At Palm Beach we took some snaps at the car park and along the beach, it was a beautiful day for photos with the clouds adding a nice touch to the shots.

From there, we decided to go back to Manly and see if the Cardinal Ceretti Memorial Chapel was free for some more photos. Luckily this time the wedding was finished and the spot was completely empty. We used the location for some photos with the Chapel in the background and used the surroundings as well.

I received my new wide angle 11-18mm wide angle lens that same week, so about 95%  of the photos are taken with that lens.

All in all a great day, long drives around the Sydney suburbs in the AMG and using some beautiful locations for the photo shoot… a perfect day to me, and a great addition to the previous photos I took of this car.

If anyone’s interested, this car is for sale, so contact me with genuine enquiries.

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