Mercedes C 63 AMG

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Mercedes C 63 AMG

Mercedes C 63 AMG

When I did the photo shoot of the Lamborghini  Murciélago LP670-SV, a Mercedes drove past and quickly returned again to the scene of my shoot. Drawn to the Lamborghini, he joined us for a little while and we started chatting.

After that we kept in contact as we had a photo shoot of his powerful AMG in mind.

So the day finally came, and we took the Mercedes to the University of Sydney. This was my first time at that location and it was absolutely nothing like I expected it to be. It looked more like a scene from a Harry Potter movie than a University.

Great place for a photo shoot!

We had a great time at the Uni and the campus police only told us off once. We picked some good spots all around the Uni and definitely got the most of it. I think I got some of my best photos to date at this shoot and I really feel like it has improved quite a bit since my encounter with the Lamborghini and the Porsche.

After our time at Sydney Uni, we went back to the underground parking, a spot I used at two other shoots as well. I love the parking as it’s a great place for some really clean shots of the car.

After that it was time to go, but we were already thinking about our next trip…

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