Premiere: Hall Pass in Sydney

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Premiere: Hall Pass in Sydney

Hall Pass

The Australian premiere of the movie Hall Pass sees a few of the stars walk the red carpet in Sydney.

Owen Wilson, the Farrelly Brothers (Bobby and Peter), Nicky Whelan and her partner DJ Ashba strut down the red carpet at Hoyts cinema at the Entertainment Quarter.

It was a pleasant surprise to see Nicky Whelan bring her rockstar boyfriend DJ Ashba, the lead guitarist for Guns n’ Roses. I recently saw him play at ANZ Stadium with Guns n’ Roses and he did an excellent job doing Slash’s gig.

After the red carpet, we went into the theatre and Owen Wilson, the Farrelly Brothers and Nicky Whelan introduced the movie to us.

A movie like this can go both ways, it’ll either be too lame or very funny and luckily this movie had quite a few good laughs in it. I really enjoyed watching it, especially after an introduction by some of the cast members.

Here are the photos from the evening:

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