Prince William visits Sydney

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Prince William visits Sydney

Prince William visits Sydney

Prince William visits Sydney and attends a barbeque at Mrs Macquarie Chair in the Botanic Gardens.

It was quite a crowd waiting for the Prince to arrive and I was running a bit late myself so I had to find a good spot to take some proper photos. There was quite a bit of security onsite, walking around with dogs patrolling the area. Helicopters were hovering above us and in the harbour boats full of armed navy seals (well,maybe just cops…) circled the area.

The first face I recognised was swimmer Ian “Torpede” Thorpe, who, apparently, was also attending the BBQ at in the Botanic Garden. After that it was time for Prince William and NSW Premier Kristina Keneally to arrive and greet the crowd that came to see the Prince.

He seemed very friendly, talking, laughing and shaking hands, which was nice to see.

After he walked in the closed off area, I managed to find a spot on the rocks from which I could see a little bit that was happening in the closed off area, so I managed to get some paparazzi shots of the Prince doing a nice speech.

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