Bugatti Veyron in Paris

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Bugatti Veyron in Paris

When I grew up, my dream cars were the Ferrari Testarossa and the Lamborghini Countach. I’m pretty sure that most kids growing up  in the 80’s would say those two cars are their ultimate dreamcars.

My guess for kids these days would be the Bugatti Veyron. This car probably represents the ultimate car of the noughties. The world’s fastest production car and it looks great too!

This car is one of the Arab invasion of Europe of the summer of 2009. This one hung around a bit longer and was still in Paris in the autumn of that year. It didn’t leave this spot for at least two weeks. In my five days in Paris that year I walked past it every day and everytime I walked past, I had to take some new photos of it.

Here’s my collection of those 5 days in Paris, next to the amazing Bugatti Veyron…

[nggallery id=14]

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