Sydney 2010-2011 New Years Eve Fireworks

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Sydney 2010-2011 New Years Eve Fireworks

Sydney 2010-2011 New Years Eve Fireworks

My second year of photographing Sydney’s amazing midnight fireworks display. Photos are taken from St Leonards, with quite a good view of Sydney Harbour Bridge minus the crowds.

The theme for the Sydney 2010–11 fireworks extravaganza was “Make Your Mark”, reflecting on the decade gone and the lasting impressions left by our actions; as well as reflecting on ways in which all people can make their mark by contributing to a better future. It was the third and final year for creative director Rhoda Roberts. The bridge effect incorporated the recent red Oprah “O”. The show consisted of 7000kg of fireworks with effects never seen before such as, falling angels, double hearts, crescent moons and lightning bolts. Fireworks director Fortunato Foti claims, that the show was his best yet. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, nine city buildings and seven barges were used in the show. For the very first time the bridge effect was multi layered, which included more than 10 signs and symbols. A giant golden ‘Handprint'(inspired by aboriginal rock markings) appeared on the bridge during the midnight fireworks show. The 12 am show included more fireworks sequences from the bridge along with 2 boats, stretching along the northern forecourt of the Opera House with fireworks exploding, acting it’s fourth year again as a seventh barge.

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