Star Trek 2009 in Sydney

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Star Trek 2009 in Sydney

Sydney hosts quite a few movie premieres every year, but only on rare occasions they get the World Premiere. This is the world premiere for the latest instalment of the Star Trek movies: Star Trek 2009, which takes the main characters back to their younger days.

All the major stars from the movie attended: Chris ‘James T Kirk Pine, Zachary ‘Spock’ Quinto, Karl ‘Dr Leonard McCoy’ Urban, Eric ‘Nero’ Bana and John ‘Hikaru Sulu’ Cho. The Director, legendary J.J. Abrams, also attended the premiere.

Personally I was very excited to see Zachary Quinto on the red carpet, as he played a magnificent role as Sylar in the TV series Heroes. Heroes was sadly not given enough credit and cancelled by the big TV executives.

John Cho was very disappointing to see on the red carpet. He comes across as this very funny guy in the Harold & Kumar movies, but was rather rude at this premiere.

All in all it was a great night, it’s always impressive to attend the red carpet of a World Premiere and this was certainly a great one!

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