Supanova Sydney 2011 – The Visitors

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Supanova Sydney 2011 – The Visitors

Supanova Sydney 2011 – The Visitors


A big part of the Supanova Expo are the celebrities attending, but the biggest and best part is all the unique visitors showing up. They spend hours and hours on their costumes, make up and poses and they do make the show.


On the way there you start seeing the first dressed up fans on public transport getting some great weird looks from the travellers.


Once you get to the venue, The Dome at Sydney’s Olympic Park, you almost stand out when you look normal!


In my previous post you saw some of the celebs that attended the Expo, here’s a look at some of the amazing visitors that make this Supanova Pop Culture Expo!


And a big thanks to everyone that posed for me!





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  2. It will be interesting to see how this concept becomes reality. Whilst the concept is great I suspect the actual building will be fraught with compromises, the door, as Michael mentions will be one, but there will also need to be something holding all those glass pieces together which are not going to be invisible…. unless of course, its one giant glass part.

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    • zegt:Haha wat leuk om het te lezen hoe het leeft!!! Beloofd een spannende pot te worden dan want wij zullen er ook alles aan doen om hem te winnen :p.

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