Exclusive Car Collection in Singapore

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Exclusive Car Collection in Singapore

Exclusive Car Collection in Singapore


During my overseas trip I came across one of the finest collections of cars around the world. Visible from the street I could see several Ferrari’s looking at me, and they were not the “common” 360 Modena’s and F430’s…

Parked in the front yard of a huge house I could see a Ferrari Enzo, F50, F40, F512M and to top it all off, a Pagani Zonda F!

This amazing collection belongs to Tommie Goh, a very successful Singaporean business man and clearly a huge car nut as well!

Kindly I was given access to this rare Italian collection to photograph them and I simply didn’t know where to start…

The F40 has always been my dreamcar, but I had never seen a Ferrari Enzo before…. or, should I start with the Zonda, the most aggressive one of them all!

Needless to say I started snapping away, almost in trance by the beauty and rarity of this collection…. have a look at all the shots below:




  1. Ray June 5, 2016


  2. Deborah March 5, 2013

    Hi , the car collection looks amazing! Can I ask where is this in Singapore?

    • Chris September 3, 2014

      It’s in Tanglin Park, on the road that winds up to Dempsey Hill. Near the bottom of the road, on the right hand side as you are climbing. There’s always a good selection of cars parked out front.

      • Andrew June 28, 2016

        You mean Ridley Park of Tanglin Road.

  3. Carl May 30, 2012

    far out haha, i went and visted a mate in singapore recently and saw them as well. I got similar photos but didnt even consider asking if i could come in.


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