Best of London 2011

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Best of London 2011

Best of… Supercars in London 2011


Time to close the London chapter of my 2011 European visit. You’ve seen some of the craziest and most expensive cars in the world that visited London from countries like Qatar, Dubai and UAE.

Here’s a final Best Of… compilation including some of the cars that weren’t worthy of their own post but still awesome enough to make it on here.

Even some of the more common cars have made it onto the list simply because they stand out, like the two Bentley Continental Flying Spurs with their very different colours. I still believe the craziest car that made its way to London this year was the Mercedes-Benz FAB Design SLS AMG Gullstream.

The Arabs outdid themselves again this year with the amazing Koenigsegg Agera R, what a bizarre car to see driving down the street and the attention it gets from bystanders is insane. One of my upcoming posts will be another Koenigsegg, this time from the Qatari royal family, a stunning car I found in Paris so keep coming back as the amazing cars won’t stop.

Let’s also not forget to mention all the Bugatti Veyrons that were out in London this year, various models cruised the London streets like the Grand Sport, Super Sports and the ‘standard’ Veyron 16.4.

Some of those cars had constant security, following closely behind them as they cruised around Sloane Street or parked next to them when serious shopping needed to get done. Those security cars were not your common cars either. Below you’ll see the BMW Hamann Tycoon Evo M and the Porsche Cayenne Hamann Guardian protecting the FAB Designs and Veyrons.

Another unique car that marks the 2011 London summer is the Xenatec 57S Cruisero Coupe, a two-door Maybach designed by German tuning company Xenatec. Unfortunately Xenatec has  declared bankruptcy since then and only eight of the Coupes have been made, of which three haven’t been sold yet.

Some of the cars in London travelled through Europe and also made their way to Paris, like the Pagani Zonda Cinque. Now my London chapter is closed I’m moving on to my Paris trip, but first have a last look at some of the great cars in London 2011:

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