Paris Underground

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Paris Underground

Paris Underground 2011


We all know already that Paris is an amazing city to find some of the best cars, especially in summertime when the Arabs visit the city of love. You’ll find a lot of the exotics valet and cafe cruising around all the hotspots.

What you might not know is that Paris has huge collection of hidden treasures underground, and I don’t mean the catacombes of Paris. In the underground carparks are millions of dollars worth of cars hidden from the daylight waiting to be taken out for a ride.

Some of those cars belong to Foch Street, also known as Dictator Avenue as some of the most corrupt world leaders have bought massive properties with stolen tax money from their countries. Parking Foch is filled with exotics and typical African dictator cars like big German sedans.

Another underground treasure is the Ritz parking at Place Vendôme. The Ritz is one of the most swanky hotels in Paris so no surprise lots of wealthy guests with amazing cars visit the area quite often.

Have a look at some of Paris’ hidden treasures:

[nggallery id=127]


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