Exotics in Paris 2011

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Exotics in Paris 2011

Exotics in Paris 2011


My final post of my European trip back in  2011. Last but not least are some of the exotic cars in daylight in Paris. You’ve already seen the underground treasures hidden in Paris, now it’s time for the gems out in the open.

I haven’t included the supertrio: Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, Koenigsegg Agera R and Pagani Zonda Cinque this time but you can click on the links for their related articles and photos.

Paris delivered again with the high-end cars driving around, some locals and some Arabs visiting for summer.

Paris is an amazing city with great history and some of the best cars around the world drive through the Parisian streets. Here’s my Best Of… for the few days I was in town:

[nggallery id=133]


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