Live: Kina Grannis in Sydney

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Live: Kina Grannis in Sydney

Live: Kina Grannis in Sydney


YouTube sensation Kina Grannis played her first show ever in Australia on Friday night and I was there to take photos and some footage and also enjoy her amazing voice and songs.

First up was Ollie Brown, who was crowned Australia’s Best Busker in 2011. He played a solid show and really got the crowd going, laughing at his jokes in between songs. He played mainly his original songs and also a Radiohead cover High and Dry.

Now, back to the main event: Kina Grannis.

Kina, born in California, started out posting her songs on YouTube back in November 2007 and now four and a half years later she has over half a million subscribers and close to 95 million views! No surprise she is getting  many views as she is an incredibly talented songwriter and singer. She has writing amazing songs such as Valentine and In Your Arms.

She definitely doesn’t take anything for granted and really appreciates all her fans, as after the show she hung around at the merchandise booth meeting pretty much every single person that went to the show.

Her show is an absolute must see and if you didn’t get your hands on tickets, make sure you catch her next time she comes to Australia. She seemed to really enjoy her time in Australia so far, loving the possums and the Aussie accent. Let’s hope it won’t be long before she comes back to Australia to play more wonderful acoustic songs.

Below are a few songs she played at her first Australian show, as well as a heap of photos I took that night.



Safe and Sound

In Your Arms

This Far


The Photos

[nggallery id=139]


Also have a look at Kina’s YouTube page, and you can click here to see her amazing video for In Your Arms featuring 288,000 jelly beans and took 22 months to make!

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  1. Mick March 27, 2012

    Thanks for taking the photos. I was there sitting very close to where these shots were taken, so it’s good to have a recollection of the night.

    • cel March 31, 2012

      Thanks Mick. It was a great show, glad I got some photos and video myself :)

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