Vivid Festival Sydney 2012

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Vivid Festival Sydney 2012

Vivid Festival Sydney 2012


It’s that great time of year again where all the tripods come out and Sydney Harbour gets flooded with DSLR’s and an enormous amount of people holding them.

That’s right, it’s Vivid time. Earth Hour has come and gone and now Sydney has two weeks to make up for that missed hour of light by lighting up the entire harbour!

All kidding aside, Vivid is a magical event and absolutely worth a visit (or two…).

Vivid Sydney is not just about lights, lots of music events are organised at the Opera House, including shows by Florence and the Machine, Imogen Heap, Janelle Monae and Karen O.

My favourite part of the festival though is all the light art on display in the world’s best harbour. From pieces of art on the street, hanging from trees and projections on the Opera House, the Museum of Contemporary Art, under a bridge and, my favourite, Customs House.

I spent last Wednesday and Friday evening around Circular Quay to take some photos as one of the many armed with a DSLR and tripod. See all results below.

The photos:

[nggallery id=147]


For more info visit:

Vivid Sydney will be running every evening from 6pm from 25 May – 11 June.

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