Featherdale Wildlife Park Sydney 2012

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Featherdale Wildlife Park Sydney 2012

Featherdale Wildlife Park


Something different here for a change, no red carpets or exotic cars…. it’s exotic animals at the Featherdale Wildlife Park.

Yesterday I visited this privately owned Wildlife Park which is situated pretty close to Blacktown train station. I don’t think too many Sydneysiders have heard of this awesome little place as I only found out about it a few weeks ago and most people I spoke to weren’t aware this hidden gem even existed.

I have often been to the widely known Taronga Zoo in Sydney’s beautiful harbour  but always missed the feeling of actually getting nice and close to the animals, as a photography enthusiast you’d love to get as close as you can for some shots. Featherdale gives you the opportunity to see lots of Australian wildlife up close and apart from the entry fee, the close encounters don’t even cost anything extra! If you’re lucky you’ll get to hold a snake as well!

The zookeepers we saw during the day we’re very knowledgable on all the animals, giving us some great information, whether it was about the koala’s or little penguins. You can enjoy all day koala encounters and walk between the Wallabies, Kangaroos, Tawny Frogmouths and Kookaburra’s freely and pet them as well. Some of the animals are safely locked away like the crocodiles, cassowaries, tasmanian devils and emu’s.

Some of the other animals you can see are echidna’s, wombats, dingo’s, quite a lot of birds, heaps of various owls and there’s also a reptilian pavilion.

Have a look at some of my photos below:

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Visit the official Featherdale Wildlife Park website for more info.

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