Friday Night Cruise Bespoke Car Club March 2013

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Friday Night Cruise Bespoke Car Club March 2013

Bespoke Car Club – Cruise March 2013


Last Friday was the second organised cruise by the Bespoke Car Club and it turned out to be a hugely successful event visited by over 50 incredible cars.

After a few rainy weeks the clouds disappeared and Friday night’s scene was set for a great collection of Euro’s and Exotics. The event was all about sharing the same passion for cars, getting out with mates (some were still waiting for one…) and smell the petrol and burning rubber. After last month’s inaugural cruise, the turnout was a lot bigger as everyone was starting to get word of the event and was keen to be a part of it. Sydney’s car scene really got together and it turned into a great night with friends.

The collection of cars was something special as well. Cars included several Ferrari’s & Maserati’s, Nissan GTR’s, an Audi R8 Spyder, a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, a Twin Turbo Jeep SRT-8  and various others. But let’s be honest… Mercedes-Benz AMG’s dominated the night with an incredible number of cars joining the event, I can’t even count all the C63 AMG’s that turned up. It was great to see two Black Series joining us for the night as well, the great CLK 63 AMG Black Series and the new C 63 AMG Black Series.

It looks like Sydney’s Euro and Exotic car scene is coming together and stepping up to the plate, this is the start of something good!

The start of the meet and cruise was at the tasty Harry’s Café de Wheels in Parramatta, with its famous pies and hotdogs. Checking out all the cars while stuffing your face, what more do you want? The car park quickly filled up and as all the cars arrived the sounds were getting better and better. The cars left towards the city well after sunset and arrived at the Rocks via a quick stop in Glebe.

An almost empty Hickson Road quickly turned into a new edition of Sydney’s Motor Show minus all the crappy cars. Car parks on either side of Hickson Rd were taken up and I could’ve sworn I saw Vin Diesel as well, the Fast and the Furious had nothing on us! One side of Hickson road was fully taken over by AMG’s, a spectacular sight. I don’t know if this was the biggest group of AMG’s together in Australia but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was!

Passers-by were taking photos and cars slowed down to have a look at the show, the Bespoke Car Club did well!

The future of Sydney’s car scene is looking bright, powerful and full of petrol. This is the start of something good so keep an eye out for more!

Have a look at all the photos below!


The photos:




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