Supanova Sydney 2013

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Supanova Sydney 2013


Supanova Sydney 2013


Has it been a year already since the last Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Sydney or did Marty McFly play tricks on us?

Supanova is back with a lot of celebrities of TV shows and movies we all love, see below the list of all attending:

Carrie Fisher – Princess Leia in Star Wars Episodes 4-6

David Hasselhoff – Knight Rider, Baywatch, The Spongebob Squarepants Movie – celsydney link

Margot Kidder – Lois Lane in Superman I- IV, Amityville Horror

Karl Urban – Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Riddick – celsydney link

Oliver & James Phelps – Fred and George Weasley in the Harry Potter Series

Alan Tudyk – Wash in Firefly and Serenity, Alpha in Dollhouse, Suburgatory

Aidan Turner – Kili in The Hobbit, Mitchell in Being Human

Adam Brown – Ori in The Hobbit, Plested and Brown

Jed Brophy – Nori in The Hobbit and Snaga in Lord of the Rings

Clare Kramer – Bring it On, Glory in Buffy The Vampire SLayer

Eve Myles – Doctor Who, Gwen in Torchwood

Kai Owen – Rhys In Torchwood

Bradley James – Arthur Pendragon in Merlin

Rupert Young – Sir Leon in Merlin

Eoin Macken – Sir Gwaine in Merlin, Centurion

Tom Hopper – Sir Percival in Merlin, Doctor Who

Anthony Montgomery – Ensign Mayweather in Star Trek Enterprise

Manu Intiraymi – Icheb in Star Trek Voyager, Go

Mark Ferguson – Gil Galad in Lord of the Rings, Hercules , Xena


Edward Furlong – Terminator 2, American History X, The Crow: Wicked Prayer


See what’s Supanova was like previous years:

Supanova 2012:

Supa-Stars at Supanova 2012


Supa-Guests at Supanova 2012


Supanova 2011:

Supa-Stars at Supanova 2011


Supa-Guests at Supanova 2011


For more info, visit the official Supanova Pop Culture Expo Website

June 21-23
Sydney Showground,
Olympic Park

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