Supanova Sydney 2013 Photos

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Supanova Sydney 2013 Photos

Supanova Sydney 2013 Photos


Supanova Pop Culture Expo seemed a lot busier this year. Walking through the halls took forever as it was all clogged up with dressed up guests and cosplayers.

In this post you’ll find all the photos I took of some of the visitors this year. It’s the best part of Supanova and there were some amazing outfits again.

You can find all the photos of celebrities at Supanova Sydney in my post here.

Below are the links to previous years of Supanova in Sydney.


The photos:


Previous years:


Supa-Stars of Supanova Sydney 2012

Visitors of Supanova Sydney 2012

Supanova Supa-Stars 2011

Visitors of Supanova Sydney 2011

Supanova Sydney 2010



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