Modball Rally 2013 Australia start in Sydney

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Modball Rally 2013 Australia start in Sydney


Modball Rally Australia 2013


This morning was the start of the first ever Modball Rally Australia. The skies stayed clear for a while as all the cars were on display in the centre of Sydney.

Modball Rally managed to close down part of Macquarie Street for the event and lots of fans and photographers showed up.

The lineup this year was very impressive. The front spots on the grid were filled with supercars. The orange Lexus LFA from Team Yeeoow was the highlight for many fans and constantly surrounded by kids for photos and videos. It is amazing seeing this car on the street and hearing it roar as it left was even better!

My favourite car on the starting grid was the first car in line, the Rolls-Royce Phantom from Team SGFU. The Phantom was magnificently wrapped as a fighter yet with the driver and passengers dressed as Top Gun pilots.

International model Arabella Drummond and UFC ring girl Carly Baker flew to Australia to join the Modballers on the first Australian Modball Rally. These two models have been gracing the front covers of almost every magazine the past few years and are now taking on the Australian Modball Rally.

After a massive party at The Ivy in Sydney last night the drivers left at 11:30am this morning on their way to Coffs Harbour for no doubt another party until the early hours. On Sunday the modballers will drive to the finish line in Brisbane with a checkpoint in Byron Bay. In Brisbane will be yet another party, the Final Awards Party. The Modball Rally finishes on Monday with a farewell gathering.

Registration for  Modball Rally Australia 2014 opens on Monday 25 November. For more info, please visit the Official Modball Rally Website.

The photos:



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