Top Gear Festival Sydney 2014 Track

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Top Gear Festival Sydney 2014 Track


Top Gear Festival Sydney 2014 part 2


Part 2 of my Top Gear Festival 2014 photos. If you missed the first part, have a look right here.

In this final part you’ll find my photos of all the track action happening at TGF, from the Ultimate Speed Showdown to stunts and the Supercar Showcase.

I’ve tried to capture a lot of the action and manage to cover quite a bit of it. You’ll find some shots of Jeremy Clarkson going down the straight in a Lexus LFA, the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge, the Supercar Showcase, some spectacular drifting, stunts and the amazing Ultimate Speed Showdown. I also caught The Stig doing a powerlap in the McLaren 12C Spider.

Ultimate Speed Showdown:

This is something special. Last year we had the showdown between Mark Webber, Casey Stoner and Jamie Whincup. This year they had to step it up and added three racing classes to the showdown.

1. Daniel Ricciardo – Infinite Red Bull Formula One
2. Will Davison/Lee Holdsworth – Erebus Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3
3. Neal Bates – WRC
4. Will Davison/Lee Holdsworth – Erebus Mercedes-Benz E63 V8 Supercar
5. Troy Bayliss – Ducati Superbike
6. Garth Walden – World Time Attack Challenge Evo

Michelle Jenneke, Australian hurdler and model known worldwide for her warmup routine, joined Jeremy Clarkson for the Star in a Car segment and raced Jeremy in a hurdles race which he just won in a car, without actually jumping any hurdles but in true Jeremy Clarkson style barged straight through them.

There were some cool stunts as well. I didn’t get to see all of them but did see Showtime FMX do some crazy stuff on motorbikes as well as the Hot Wheels Stuntz Inc Team.

The photos:


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