Ferrari Racing Days Sydney – Pt 1

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Ferrari Racing Days Sydney – Pt 1


Ferrari Racing Days Part 1 – Track Action

Sydney Motorsport Park turned red last weekend when the Ferrari Racing Days came to Eastern Creek.

For the first time ever, Sydney played host to this national-exclusive event and it was good! Sydney Motorsport Park only just cooled down from a spectacular Top Gear Festival weekend in March and now it is hosting the Prancing Horse for a spectacular weekend of Ferrari madness.

Compared to the Top Gear Festival the Ferrari hosted event is not as big but the fair price reflects this as well and there is definitely enough happening to enjoy a full day at the park. The first thing I wanted to see when I arrived at the Ferrari Racing Days was the XX series. This was something high on my list and wanted to see at least two of the scheduled XX sets so I could get a few different vantage points for photos.

XX Series


It was spectacular seeing the 599XX and the FXX roar down the track and my personal highlight of the day.


The FXX is based on the Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari’s flagship car from 2002 which has only just been superseded by the LaFerrari (more on this car later). The FXX is loosely based on the Enzo’s design with a highly tuned 6.3 litre version of the Enzo’s engine putting out roughly 800 PS (590 kW; 790 hp).  Like the Enzo, the car was sold to specially selected existing clients of Ferrari only. The initial price was €1.3 million. Unlike the Enzo, the clients did not take delivery of the car themselves. Rather, it is maintained by Ferrari and available for the client’s use on various circuits as arranged by Ferrari and also during private track sessions.


The 599XX is based on the 599 GTB and is specifically designed for track use only; this car is, like the FXX, not street legal. The rev. limiter is raised to 9000 rpm, with the engine rated for 730 PS (540 kW; 720 hp) at 9000 rpm. Weight is reduced by reducing the weight of the engine unit components, the use of composite materials, and the use of carbon-fiber body parts and brake pads. The 599XX was unveiled in 2009 at the Geneva Motor Show.

458 Asia Pacific Challenge


As the XX series were free laps on the track, the next thing scheduled was a proper race: the Ferrari 458 Asia Pacific Challenge series. For the first time, Australian fans saw the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli, as round two of the inaugural Ferrari 458 Asia Pacific Challenge series took place on the Sydney circuit. This highly-anticipated tournament saw Ferrari owners from around the world race their very own super machines against other owners – some have competition experience while others are race track novices.

F1 Clienti


If you are one of the lucky few that owns an ex Ferrari F1 car you could’ve spent some time on the track this weekend during the F1 Clienti sessions. Life of the F1 Clienti is pretty good; all they have to do is turn up at the race track. All car maintenance, transport and even the race suits are provided by the F1 Clienti Department created in 2003 within the Ferrari Corse Clienti, based at the Fiorano track. The department looks after the cars during the events, but its core activity is the maintenance and restoration of Ferrari single-seaters from 1970 to the present day. And finally, there were some normal street legal Ferrari’s on the track as well. With the new Ferrari 458 Speciale Safety Car in front some the latest Ferrari’s did free laps around the track including the F12berlinetta, 458 Italia, 458 Spider, 599 GTO and more!


The video:

The photos:


Click Here for Part 2 featuring the mighty LaFerrari, the Ferrari F1 Team show some F1 burning rubber and more!


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