Supercar Sunday Sydney May 2015

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Supercar Sunday Sydney May 2015

Supercar Sunday

Supercar D’Elegance hosted another successful Supercar Sunday at Thirty8 Espresso Bar in Lilyfield this morning. A diverse group of Supercars showed up, enjoyed the coffee and chatted randomly about cars.

Some of the best cars came out today including Lamborghini Diablo’s, Aventadors, Gallardo’s and a Huracan. Ferrari was represented in big numbers as the Ferrari Club used this event as a starting point for their scheduled cruise today.

The highlight of the morning was the group of 5 orange supercars all parked with their doors up. The five cars were all different shades of orange. Parked in a group they drew the biggest crowd.

Alfa Romeo brought along two almost identical white 4Cs .

The photos:


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